The magazine of Belarus prose, art and translations

Project manager and head editor: Siarhiej Kalenda.

Chief artist and designer: Vasilisa Palianina-Kalenda.

Artists: Hanna Bundeleva, Valeria Lazurovich, Irina Kuts, Jauhen Shadko, Natalla Harachaja, Uladzimir Habidulin, Alena Haiduk, Dasha Zaichanka, Vasilisa Palianina-Kalenda and Shigeru Sakuma.

Editors: Lida Naliuka, Marina Vesialuha.

Friend of the magazine: Alhierd Baharevic.

             Mission of the magazine is cultural, to promote modern Belarus literature and to familiarize readers with translations of foreign authors. At the present time Belarus has few magazines of high quality and particularly such kind of magazines that can collaborate with artists at the level they do with writers, magazines that can illustrate all texts and crave for help to youth authors by discovering new names on their pages. Besides, the “Makulatura” tries to change the present state of the country by artistic means. The magazine brings up the social, cultural, artistic and community problems. On the pages of the magazine the texts crave for reflection of the present Belarus state in the world and Europe.

            The “Makulatura” is seeking to interest people in literature, to make them take an interest in native authors, who in general complain of obscurity. The magazine try to prove Belarus has its own gifted and constructive writers more impressive then world ones.

            The “Makulatura” search after, help, edit and cooperate with adventurous authors, with gifted, genius, interesting and honest people, who aim to break new ground in the creative development. The team of magazine wants to popularize qualitative, daedal and daring literature and art with all its heart. It crave for cultural exchange and development of social virtu. The magazine long for elimination the scope of up-to-date censorship and open to the public the forbidden publications. These texts are usually hide and pass unnoticed in time. It tries to show the writers who built the future of literature and creative area in whole (cinema, theatre, art) with their texts.






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Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.